STEM Internship Program in Australia 2023


Country: Australia
Employment Type: Intern
Contract Length: 3-6 Months
Compensation: Unpaid
Non Profit: No
Industry: Chemistry Computer Science Engineering Environmental Studies Technology

Job Qualifications

  • Tertiary degree (current or recently completed)

Job Benefits

  • professional development
  • work visa

Position Description

You have the chance to internationalize your career in Australia in a STEM subject thanks to the STEM Internship Program. From 12 to 26 weeks, positions are available across all of Australia.

Every applicant is given a customized list of possible host organizations via Australian Internships. Each placement is individually negotiated by us to guarantee that it is a perfect fit for you, your educational background, and your career goals.

Our internships include:
• Resume and interview preparation and guidance
• An individualised placement with an Australian company
• Allocation of an Internship Program Supervisor (IPS) to closely monitor progress and satisfaction level
• Immediate intervention by Australian Internships should you experience any difficulties
• 24-hour Emergency Support
• Full Orientation Sessions, including an introduction to Australian workplace culture
• Intern nights, providing an opportunity to meet interns from over 90 countries
• 407 Training Visa – pending eligibility