Students can find a wide variety of part-time jobs in most university towns. The kinds of jobs you might be able to find part-time while you are studying are listed below.

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Working for your university

Your university will have job opportunities for students of the university. These could include

What to anticipate from student part-time jobs

You can probably find a student who doesn’t like their part-time job for every one who does. You are extremely fortunate if you can find a job that you enjoy while still in school. Most people perform them purely for financial gain, which frequently isn’t a good idea.


Jobs in the retail, bar, and catering industries frequently call for very unsociable shifts, beginning at absurdly early hours and lasting until the wee hours or even through the night. This can be extremely exhausting, so you need to be careful that working shifts does not prevent you from attending classes and doing your homework. If you don’t earn a degree, there is no point in working your way through college to pay for it.

Any position that involves dealing with customers will have issues. When customers are dissatisfied, they may act rudely, violently, and difficultly. Additionally, dealing with drunk people and shoplifters may be necessary. Be ready for both the good and the bad. Additionally, there are a lot of really nice people out there, and a happy client can make your work feel worthwhile.

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How much should you anticipate making?

Your age affects the federal minimum wage. The least that should be paid to you is this. Though it’s frequently more, it provides you with a general idea of what is acceptable.

Under 18s – £4.35/hour

18 – 20 – £6.15/hour

21 – 24 – £7.70/hour

25 and over £8.21/hour

Advantages of working while still in school

Any job you have while attending university will improve your CV in the eyes of a potential employer, regardless of whether it is related to your intended career or not.

You are a good candidate for employment if you are determined to find work, are able to keep it, arrive at work on time each day/week, and meet all of your employer’s expectations. It would be ideal if you could get a positive reference.


As a student, it can occasionally be beneficial to have a job that is extremely boring. It helps you realize how important it is to work hard in school to get a job you enjoy in the future! If your job is unbearably dull, try imagining yourself doing it all day every day to spur yourself on to rigorous study, a degree, and a more fulfilling career.


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