The Hungarian Government invites applicants to apply for the Hungarian International Diaspora Scholarships Programme, which will allow them to study in Hungary. The scholarship is valid for the academic year 2023-2024.

Brief Description

The scholarship program is open to international students living in the Hungarian Diaspora. They are eligible to win this application if they have completed their undergraduate or graduate-level degree studies at an eligible Hungarian institute or university. The Award will most likely cover tuition and other unannounced expenses.

Portrait of smiling graduate in gown and hat standing alone on university campus at graduation ceremony.


Countries Eligible: All international students are eligible to apply.
Eligible Courses or Subjects: Students may apply for a higher education degree at their preferred Hungarian university or college.
Criteria for Eligibility: Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be considered:
Applicants must apply for admission to a qualifying institute.
Applicants must be members of the Hungarian diaspora living in any country other than the European Union, the Republic of Serbia, or Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Oblast.

How to APPLY

Admission applications must be submitted through the university portal of the students’ respective universities. The application is available online.
Documents in Support: The following documents must be presented to the university by the students:


The winners of this Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Program can expect their tuition fee to be covered, as well as other benefits to help with their overall expenses.


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